Hello Ladies.

We hope you all are staying healthy and home during this time. Keep drinking lots of WATER!!!

Between Binge Watching shows please MOVE THAT BODY!!!

We have been putting Home Workouts on Facebook (Body By Burnis) and Instagram (@bodybyburnis). If you haven’t added us, please do, and follow along to still get a SWEAT!!! Post yourself putting in WOOORK then tag us and we’ll repost!!!

We will not be charging you for April. We are hoping we can ALL be together again in May!!!

Ladies, your Mindset is crucial during this time. Do your best to stay positive and believe that sooner than you think we will get back to Life outside. Positivity is KEY!!! Please don’t run your body down with fear and doubt. We will get through this TOGETHER!!!

Alright Ladies, enjoy the rest of your day. Drink Water and Stretch. We hope to see you ALL in May hahaha. Get Online and Let’s WOOORK!!!


LIVE LIFE FIRST – Choose to have a Great Day