Hello Ladies.

We hope your are enjoying your Sunny Memorial Day as we say thank you to ALL our fallen soldiers. We are excited for the start of the June Session!!! This will mark the halfway point of 2018. Start Now, Keep Going or get back in to it!!! Whatever it means for you DO IT because the sooner you stick to a healthy workout routine the sooner you see results.

Ladies do not be discouraged by the summer, you can STILL make great changes plus this is a Healthy Fitness Lifestyle. The goal is to have that Summer Body YEAR ROUND with a little extra work here and there. Commit to your health for the rest of 2018 and watch the inches melt off your body. Come Get This WOOORK!!!

Ladies active rest during your days off. Go for a walk/run, do some push ups and planks hahaha. Go play beach volleyball or shoot some hoops. Just do not sit on the couch until Friday, get up and move. No Zero Days and a Gallon of water everyday.


Friday, June 1st–Tuesday, June 26th

3 Classes/Week (does not include Saturday) – $160
4 Classes/Week (does not include Saturday) – $180
Unlimited (Including Saturdays) – $200
Fit Forever Membership – $150 Sign Up at Body By Burnis
Drop In – $20
*If you get a New Camper to sign up for the Session you get $50 off your camp fee

**Use the MindBody App to register and pay or come sign up at the Facility and pay.


Alright Ladies, enjoy the rest of your Memorial Day.
Drink Water and Stretch. We hope to see you ALL this week.
Let’s Get Ready to WOOORK!!!

LIVE LIFE FIRST – Choose to have a Great Day
– Lee