Hello Ladies.

It’s time for the MARCH SESSION!!! Ladies we hope you’re ready to Sweat all Month because we are turning up the heat.

So far we have seen you all change over the last two sessions but you are not done. Stick to your path and stay consistent so you can reap all the benefits of your Healthy Fitness Lifestyle.

Remember this year you’ve decided to GET FIT, STAY FIT and be FIT FOREVER, so from now on you won’t have to get ready for any occasion or vacation, you’ll stay ready. No longer will you be going into hiding in the Fall and Winter. Nope. Now that Summer Bod is a year ‘round bod. And every outfit WORKS!!!

We are not just talking about the physical results the mental results are just as important. That feeling after you have completed the fit class challenge. That rush you get after you get moving at 5:30 in the morning, or that release after a long day of work.

Exercise benefits us all in so many ways that deciding to make it part of your daily life can only be an asset to your life journey.

Not to mention getting an hour to yourself doing something you want to do. 😊 We get it and we are here for you. Come sweat with us, all March long. If you haven’t started, no better time than NOW!!! Come Jump In!!!

March Challenge–Ladies, we challenge you to stay off the scale for the month. That’s right no weigh ins. We can do Measurements and Body Fat testing any time at the facility, so if you would like to do that just let us know. Also try taking progress pics or using clothes as a barometer on how you are doing. But that scale will have you second guessing yourself. Don’t let the scale win this Month. Just hide it somewhere and if you feel the need, step on it in April.


Thursday, March 1st–Monday, March 26th

3 Classes/Week (does not include Saturday) – $160
4 Classes/Week (does not include Saturday) – $180
Unlimited (Including Saturdays) – $200
Fit Forever Membership – $150 Sign Up at Body By Burnis
Drop In – $20
*If you get a New Camper to sign up for the Session you get $50 off your camp fee

**Use the MindBody App to register and pay or come sign up at the Facility and pay.


Alright Ladies, enjoy the rest of your Wednesday.
Drink Water and Stretch. We hope to see you ALL this week.
Let’s Get Ready to WOOORK!!!

LIVE LIFE FIRST – Choose to have a Great Day
– Lee