Hello Ladies –

Tomorrow We Begin!!! We hope you ALL enjoyed your days off and you’re ready to get back to WOOORK!!! Ladies you’re making Incredible Progress. We can see it and hope that you can not only see it, but feel it as well. There’s nothing like that feeling knowing you’re stronger than you were. Like grabbing the heavier dumb bell because the ones you used to use, are too light. Like getting deeper on your push ups. Like finishing a challenge faster, that once took you so long to complete. And that’s just the in the gym stuff. We hope you ALL are feeling better outside the gym. Walking with more confidence. Wearing those clothes you might have second guessed before but now YOU CAN!!!

We hope that scale is saying good things to you but we encourage you to get off that scale and start taking progress pics. Try it for May. Take a pic now and then again as often as you want but notice the difference between today’s and the end of the month. We are not here to tell you Muscle weighs more than Fat, that’s a myth, but muscle takes up far less space.

So the numbers on the scale may not change much but the difference in your body with less fat and more muscle will be visible.

Keep Pushing!!!
Sun’s Out. Get Ready to Sweat ALL MONTH!!!

May’s Focus will be CARDIO & CORE!!! That means on top of the Great Workouts we have planned working every muscle group, there will be an emphasis this month on hitting CARDIO & CORE every class. So get ready to WOOORK!!!

May’s Challenge if you’re following along at home is 200+ Jumping Jacks and 200+ Abs. Break it up into as many sets as you want but get them in!!!


Wednesday, May 1st — Saturday, May 25th
4 Classes/Week – $180
3 Classes/Week – $160
Fit Forever Membership – $150
Drop In – $20
Students (Middle School and High School) – Free
*Get a New Camper to Sign up for the session and get $50 off your session fee

***Use the MindBody App to register and pay or come sign up at the Facility and pay.


Alright Ladies enjoy the rest of your Sunday. Drink Water and Stretch.
We hope to see you ALL this week!!!
Let’s Get Ready to WORRRRRK!!!
LIVE LIFE FIRST – Choose to have a Great Day
– Lee